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Looking Back on 2016

After a busy lead-up to the Christmas period, I have a few days to re-charge and look back over 2016. 

The new Photo App from Apple, with its date and location filing, is a great asset in reviewing your journey through the year - a picture remaining as valuable as 1000 words. 

Amongst the many new experiences  of 2016, a return to cooking has been a highlight. This culminated in baking my first loaves of bread for consumption over Christmas. Facebook has captured and broadcast the results, some more successful than others, and I have been encouraged to write down the 'methods' for others.  We will see if this happens!

Thanks to all who have shared the 2016 journey - Kit instructions for 2017 will soon be issued!

Screening of The Connection

The Connection is a film about how frontier research is proving there is a direct connection between your mind and your health.

At 24 years old, Australian filmmaker Shannon Harvey was struck down with an autoimmune disease. In search of a cure, Shannon realized that in order to change her health she needed to change her mind. Shannon sought out pioneers of mind-body medicine throughout Australia and the United States and subsequently changed her life and, through this film, the life of many others.

The film features scientists, researchers, writers and doctors, as well as remarkable true stories of people adding mind-body medicine to their healing toolkit to recover from severe back pain, heart disease, infertility, cancer and multiple sclerosis. While the science is complex, the solutions for people suffering with illness are astonishingly simple.

This is a film for people who have tried everything. It offers answers and proves that you can change your mind, change your health and change your life.

The screening is followed by a brief discussion with mindfulness pioneers A/Prof Craig Hassed and Dr Chris Walsh.

The New Jerusalem

When  State Law matures to reflect God’s eternal intention;  when Cannon Law is  liberated from the influence of epoch-specific-geopolitical-influence and then allowed to die with it;  when we fully understand what it means to believe that ‘God is Love’ - then love will grow.

At first we may find this liberated-love alien and uncomfortable - it demands an eternal tent where we can eventually find our own comfortable space as we observe others finding theirs. 

This, my friends, is the New Jerusalem.



I am just home from a very thought provoking event hosted by the Wheeler Centre at M.A.D.E 

Emma Sky was interviewed about her time in Iraq as a Civilian Administrator and Adviser to the US Government. A member of the British Council on a secondment that should have lasted for only 3 months, she found herself rising to the top of the Civilian Administration and spending 13 years in Iraq. 

No one on the ground was expecting her when she arrived … she had to find her place, establish her role and grow into it.  

Emma talked about the need to rise above politics and understand the needs of each group within the community - a good esson for not-for-profit community groups. 

I highly recommend Emma’s recently published book “The Fifth Estate: inside Iraq”.

Emma Sky

How the weekend has changed ...

Yesterday, after a busy morning of meetings for ‪#‎BAF2016‬, two visits to the Ballan Farmers Market and a rehearsal for the opening night of the Ballan Autumn Festival, it was good to escape to Blackwood for lunch with Fiona Watson at the The Blackwood Merchant
Great company, excellent service and very tasty food.

The autumnal leaves around Blackwood are pointing to the big event on Sunday 20 March when Ballan will showcase the joys of country living.

Kevin Harper's photo.

Fiona Watson in Blackwood yesterday in an autuminal setting. 


A week to go before #BAF2016

It has been a very busy time during this penultimate week  in the lead-up to the Festival.

A radio interview, 3 photoshoots, committee and sub-committee meetings, a rehearsal for the Launch on Friday evening and the notification that we can accommodate some extra stalls that have been on our wait-list. The Festival committee have all been working hard within their own portfolios to bring us something quite spectacular at #BAF2016.


Ballan Red Cross’ Anne Eskdale with Ballan Autumn Festival President Kevin Harper.  Picture: Luka Kauzlaric for ‘The Courier’

There is still time to sign up on-line for a place in the Ballan Farmer’s Market Grand  Parade  Click here   – or grab one of the few remaining Busker Spots Click Here – and to sign up a team in the First Ever Ballan Sumo Soccer Challenge   Enter your team by clicking  here –

And don’t forget the Pet Show – Enter your pet here !

We’ll be posting daily updates throughout the week so keep popping back here or follow us on Facebook

Let the Festival be Great!



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Abbey Road recreated in Ballan

The announcement today in Ballan that two new pedestrian crossings will be constructed in Ballan's Inglis St, after recent community consultation. Deputy Mayor Paul Tatchell and community representatives were on hand to welcome the announcement by Member for Buninyong Geoff Howard.
(Photo - copyright Helen Tatchell)

Abbey road in ballan

Getting Ready for #BAF2016

The fund raising  sausage sizzle held outside the Lioness Op Shop in Ballan was an all round great day for the ‪#‎BAF2016‬ crew.

There was the added bonus of a wonderful contribution from the advance party of Sing Australia who will be brining the troops to perform on the main stage at #BAF2016.

Well done to all of the BAF team – we broke the record of all other SS’s at Steptoe’s by a whopping amount.

A special shout-out to Matthew Grindrod who made it all possible, and toFiona Watson for her coordination work with Sing Australia.

It was heartening to see all of the committee fully engaged in this event and for the team to have achieved such a great result.


The Advance Party from Sing Australia With Fiona Watson turning for me.

As an indication of the impact and $ contribution that today’s event provided to business in Ballan just look at what Fiona Watson had to say:

“Fiona Watson: I have my little hearts (Chocolate Brownies) …had a great time at beautiful Ballan. Rocked in the street, shopped in the op shop, ate at the Tin Plate drank coffee at the Mill and had lovely…service…at D and Ms. All in all an excellent day of friendship, music and merriment!”

Fiona‘s comments tick a lot of the boxes that are before me as President of BAF for 2016.

Well done team – Ballan is a great place to live and make community.

Erit enim magnus dies festus


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