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  • On 28/02/2014
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I am pleased that I made the decision to publish 'Lord, Only Say the Word and I Shall Be Healed' as a series of booklets rather than wait until I had completed the book. 

Being able to see something completed, be it a simple painting or part of a book, is more healing than having to leave work unfinshed or hurridly-finished. 

The Tristan Shout Murder Mysteries are being uploaded onto this site under the tab SDHP Audio Books & Podcasts . This is more of a technical challenge than an intertlectual one, but still requires time sitting at the desk which necessitates short bursts and much standing inbetween. Hence the brevity of this blog.

Take home message today: If it looks like too big a task - break it up into manageble segments. Dont give up completely.

writing wellbeing.

Comments (2)

Editor KBH
  • 1. Editor KBH | 28/02/2014
Thanks Kim,
I hope that with contributions from others we can strengthen the site content and widen its general appeal. Keep reading and posting.
kim holland
  • 2. kim holland | 28/02/2014
This looks as though it is going to be varied and intersting. I like that. And always keen to read up on 'lifey' achieving stuff.

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