BAF2020 postponed until October - Public Health issues around COVID-19

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  • On 15/03/2020
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With so many local small businesses already at breaking point, this 'stay home' V. 'life-as-normal' argument is coming to the forefront.

Yesterday the local village at Ballan was bustling. The monthly Farmer's Market - with fewer stalls than normal - was attracting a small crowd and parking in the main street was at a premium.
Today the street was empty with bored shop owners closing early and going into the larger regional towns to stock up on larder essentials as the threat of a 'lock-down' is looking increasing more like a reality.

How do you maintain a community spirit when the message is to isolate and with all gatherings of 500+ cancelled?

With the increase in free SMS and messenger services like Facebook, What'sApp and the like, we have lost the art of the telephone call which allows for immediate two-way communication and the opportunity to 'hear' how our friend at the other end is feeling. You can hide behind an emoticon but not the sound of the human voice.

There are a few old skills and attitudes we need to brush up on to help us get through these next few months.

When was the last time you said, or heard someone say: " So nice to HEAR your voice"?


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