Ballarat Sin-gers Podcast #2

Here's the latest fom the Ballarat Sin-gers podcast series - it also links to the earlier podcasts. 

Kevin chats with Fi about the issues confronting public singing in a 'Covid-normal scenario' and the expectation of 'PC language' in the words of music sung in public performances. Kevin is in the Ballarat studio, Fi is at her Sturt St home, also in historic Ballarat. Just click on the link below.

Ballarat Sin-gers Podcast #2 


Highland Mist

No heavy rain this morning but we are surrounded by low cloud. Fed the horse at 5am and it was like a Highland mist all around: it is it no falsehood to call this area the Central Highlands. It will be an interesting drive in to Ballarat for an early breakfast meeting, the haunting wind turbines with their jaunted crowns being momentarily illuminated by the car’s headlights with the pitch and turns of the Yendon Road.