KBH Reflections


Bagpiper at Bungaree

It was a cold and misty start to the ANZAC Day commemoration at Bungaree but that didn’t stop over 300 locals gathering to pause from their busy farming lives and remember the fallen. 104 years to the day of the first landings of the ANZANC force at Gallipoli  and 80 years sins the start of World War 2. 

Toddlers - and for them  it will be many years before any of this has any meaning - energised  the elderly  for whom today is a reminder of past horrors and just how near we are to another wave of mass slaughter. 

The sustained trench warfare of 1915 has today been replaced with surprise  attacks on non-combatants: women  and children number higher than men  in the list of dead and injured. 

Just as the young men who formed the first ANZAC response were ill prepared for what was to await them, we are equally unprepared for the horrors  of Christchurch and Sri Lanka.