Welcome to 2020

Welcome to 2020!

This is a year where I step back from some long-term NFP positions to take up a more dedicated commitment to a few. 

Please come and continue the journey.


What's happening in the UK

 We are grateful to the Spectator for the following information:

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  • The Brexit party came first in the European elections, taking 29 seats.
  • The Liberal Democrats came second, with 16 seats, Labour 10, the Greens 7, the Tories 4, the SNP 3 and Plaid Cymru 1.
  • Labour’s shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry said her party should have been campaigning to remain in the EU.
  • Outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May said the result showed ‘the importance of finding a Brexit deal’.
  • Recently-formed party Change UK descended into bickering after failing to win a single seat.
  • Sajid Javid became the ninth candidate to enter the Tory leadership contest.

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Pink Up Your Town during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October).

Pink Up Your Town is a fantastic way for a local community to come together during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October). Driven by the dedication and passion of local volunteer groups, Pink Up Your Town is a way to bring together clubs, businesses, schools and neighbours to create a visual show of support for those experiencing breast cancer and raise funds for the  nurses of the McGrath Foundation.

Moorabool Shire 2019 Citizen of the Year, Kevin Harper, is looking to the local community to join with him and support this community initiative.  When recently interviewed Kevin said: “Since the CoTY award in January,  I have been exploring ways in which I can involve and connect the local community with some of my passions – when the invitation came to ‘Pink up Ballan’ it seemed the obvious fit”.

The next stage for Kevin is to form a committee and gather a  group of volunteers to make this happen. Kevin hopes that through an arrangement between the Community House and the Autumn Festival Committee,  a Community-wide engagement will be possible.

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Busy start to the year

It has been a very busy start to 2019, mainly brought on by some changes in the Autumn Festival committee which has seen me wearing a few extra hats.

Gordon Bleu is still in recess which has freed up time for Autumn Festival and Hospice matters.  Today is my first half-Friday that I have been at home and working in my Study before a meeting in Ballarat this evening. 

As I worked this morning, with Brexit and the Australian Federal election dominating all news services, I looked back with to the days of gentler politics and political  respect - now so sadly missing from the world stage. 

A true example of this is the election of the first lady Speaker to the British House of Commons.  The link via YouTube is HERE