Welcome to 2020

Welcome to 2020!

This is a year where I step back from some long-term NFP positions to take up a more dedicated commitment to a few. 

Please come and continue the journey.


Why Pink Up Your Town?

Pink Up Your Town - Ballan 

One of the goals I set myself for my year as Citizen of the Year was to work with the community in a venture that everyone could be involved with.  

The Mcgrath Foundaton's Pink Up Your Town - it's October-long campain to increase the awarness of the foundation's Breast Care nurse work and to raise funds to have more of them - seemed the obvious choice. 

Togeather with the Ballan Autumn Festival and the Ballan and District Community House we are planning a month of events and fundrasing activities to promote this cause. The climax will be the Pink Mayoral Ball at St Anne's Winery on Friday November 1st. 

Further news is available HERE and the link to the Facebook page is HERE

Busy start to the year

It has been a very busy start to 2019, mainly brought on by some changes in the Autumn Festival committee which has seen me wearing a few extra hats.

Gordon Bleu is still in recess which has freed up time for Autumn Festival and Hospice matters.  Today is my first half-Friday that I have been at home and working in my Study before a meeting in Ballarat this evening. 

As I worked this morning, with Brexit and the Australian Federal election dominating all news services, I looked back with to the days of gentler politics and political  respect - now so sadly missing from the world stage. 

A true example of this is the election of the first lady Speaker to the British House of Commons.  The link via YouTube is HERE


Achievable Goals

I am pleased that I made the decision to publish 'Lord, Only Say the Word and I Shall Be Healed' as a series of booklets rather than wait until I had completed the book. 

Being able to see something completed, be it a simple painting or part of a book, is more healing than having to leave work unfinshed or hurridly-finished. 

The Tristan Shout Murder Mysteries are being uploaded onto this site under the tab SDHP Audio Books & Podcasts . This is more of a technical challenge than an intertlectual one, but still requires time sitting at the desk which necessitates short bursts and much standing inbetween. Hence the brevity of this blog.

Take home message today: If it looks like too big a task - break it up into manageble segments. Dont give up completely.