Pink Up Your Town during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October).

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  • On 15/05/2019
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Pink Up Your Town is a fantastic way for a local community to come together during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October). Driven by the dedication and passion of local volunteer groups, Pink Up Your Town is a way to bring together clubs, businesses, schools and neighbours to create a visual show of support for those experiencing breast cancer and raise funds for the  nurses of the McGrath Foundation.

Moorabool Shire 2019 Citizen of the Year, Kevin Harper, is looking to the local community to join with him and support this community initiative.  When recently interviewed Kevin said: “Since the CoTY award in January,  I have been exploring ways in which I can involve and connect the local community with some of my passions – when the invitation came to ‘Pink up Ballan’ it seemed the obvious fit”.

The next stage for Kevin is to form a committee and gather a  group of volunteers to make this happen. Kevin hopes that through an arrangement between the Community House and the Autumn Festival Committee,  a Community-wide engagement will be possible.

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Comments (1)

Lyn Plummer
  • 1. Lyn Plummer (link) | 15/05/2019
Pink Ballan sounds like a wonderful idea. The McGrath Foundation Breast Cancer Nurses do a wonderful job. Their support and knowledge is invaluable. They also think outside the box and help to demystify the processes and the language. This helps with navigating through the journey, which is two fold, the medical and administrative.
Lyn Plummer

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